Nothing can prepare you for the shock of being told you are 3 cm dilated at 28 weeks pregnant. Nothing can prepare you for the shock of holding that 15-inch, 3.9 lb baby against your chest: a tiny, soft, warm handful. When you finally bring him home, everything you’ve both been through has prepared you…


My son darting around the house brandishing his Maui hook like a fighter. My dog chasing birds and each other. Agility in common. Agile


If you search hard enough you will find The easy way out. Take it. But you might miss an incredible journey. Loophole


Observe. Ponder. Know. You never know who’s studying you from afar. So, be a good example. Study


No such thing as boredom anymore. How can there be? So many shiny things to fill our constant need for entertainment. Leaving us even emptier than before. So, entertain me. Entertain


Indecision keeps me frozen in place almost everyday. The daily mundane and static of a barrage of information keeps me feeling trapped. Stuck in a static state – never changing. ┬áStatic


The power of a certain song or a particular smell is incredible. The opening notes fill your ears and you are thirteen again, falling in love with this band, this song, this light feeling it evokes. And then you smell it – fall leaves. You are home, where you come from, where your family still…